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For the past eleven years, the global family of the Church of God of Prophecy has been called to start the New Year with a season of prayer and fasting. We know that prayer is the foundation for all our ministry efforts and during these three weeks we full devote ourselves to seeking divine direction.

Once again, this year, I am calling on our churches and members to mobilize their efforts and join us in a concentrated time, seeking God’s direction for our ministries locally, nationally, and globally.

We are seeking God for a deep encounter through prayer, and asking Him to continue to bring revival and renewal to our lives, homes, churches, and nations.

For twenty-one days, beginning January seventh, we will unite around specific daily prayer directives. These prayer guides are available on this page and on our social media to help insure our prayers are touching the most current needs.

I am also inviting you to join us January seventh, on the first evening of our season of seeking, for our global Night of Prayer live via simulcast. During this time, you will be able to submit requests that will be prayed for by our staff and ministry leaders, as well as those watching online.

Thank you for making plans and efforts to join me in prayer. I believe even greater things are ahead for the Church of God of Prophecy, but they will only be obtained through prayer and fasting.

Bishop Sam N. Clements, General Overseer


Prayer Guides (English)
Week One | Week Two | Week Three

Puntos de Oración (Español)
Primera Semana | Segunda Semana | Tercera Semana

Directives de Priere (Français)
Premiere Semaine | Deuxième Semaine | Troisième Semaine

Promotional Video
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Español – HD | Standard | Streaming
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Week One Video (Harvest)
English – HD | Standard | Streaming
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Week Two Video (Leadership Development)
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Week Three Video (Stewardship)
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Fasting is the most powerful spiritual discipline of all the Christian disciplines. Through fasting and prayer, the Holy Spirit can transform your life. Fasting and prayer can also work on a much grander scale. According to Scripture, personal experience and observation, I am convinced that when God’s people fast with a proper Biblical motive-seeking God’s face not His hand-with a broken, repentant, and contrite spirit, God will hear from heaven and heal our lives, our churches, our communities, our nation and world. Fasting and prayer can bring about revival – a change in the direction of our nation, the nations of earth and the fulfillment of the Great Commission.


During this annual Night of Prayer at the Church of God of Prophecy International Offices, everyone can join in the prayer movement online as we pray together. Viewers can submit prayer requests through social media, email to prayer@cogop.org, and by telephone. We will pray for those requests during the event. Last year, more than a thousand people joined together from areas all over the world, including Australia, Brazil, Czech Republic, Mexico, South Africa, Dominican Republic, Germany, El Salvador, and India. Simulcast LIVE in English, Spanish, and French.


January 7—13
Core Value Target: Harvest
Global Family Targets: North America and Caribbean

January 14—20
Core Value Target: Leadership Development
Global Family Targets: Central and South America

January 21—27
Core Value Target: Biblical Stewardship
Global Family Targets: Africa, Asia, Europe/CIS/Middle East


A vibrant prayer life is possible for everyone. Conversation is a natural part of our daily lives but most people think that kind of natural communion with God, through a vibrant life of prayer, is only for “Super Christians.” Conversation with God shares deep spiritual insights and provides a clear path for all believers to experience a deeper relationship with God through prayer.

Embark on a journey of deeper communion with God through these insights:

There is no magic formula to the power of prayer. We come to know the voice of God through constant conversation. Prayer with God is a powerful ministry that everyone can participate in. Prayer allows us to participate with God in his love and work for humanity. Whatever has gone on in the past, you can decide today that you’re going to be a person who prays — a person who maintains a lifestyle of prayer. Experience the power of prayer through Conversation with God.

Conversation With God Resource Kit

This Kit Includes:
8 copies of the book, Conversation With God (2-book kit version is also available).

The Spirit-Empowered Faith set:
A list of the 40 outcomes of a Spirit-Empowered Disciple
A self-assessment tool to measure the 40 outcomes in your own life and discipleship efforts.
Teaching notes built around the 4 themes of Spirit-Empowered Faith. These notes could be used as leader guide notes; teaching notes; or used as a 12-week sermon series.


The Virtual Prayer Meeting is a 22-day prayer connection call. Begin the New Year with prayer and fasting. Join Jesus followers and thousands of churches across the nation. The idea is simple. It allows us, as believers, across denominational lines, to join in prayer for revival in the church and awakening in the culture. Anyone can call in from the comfort of their home and listen to the virtual prayer meeting. Simply dial the number. Listen. Pray. Cry out to God for His divine intervention. This year the call will also be live streamed via this website and on facebook. Each night, a special guest offers a prayer challenge, hear fresh reports and a pray together collectively. The opportunity to unite in prayer for ourselves, for our churches, our cities and the world, is intended as a beginning for a year filled with opportunities for revival and awakening.