Prayer Guide for the month of JUNE



The Church of God of Prophecy has had significant world issues impact its people in 2020. At this midpoint of the year, we will focus our prayers on giving thanks to God for the heritage of this movement, share the present needs of our local congregations, and seek His divine direction for the future of this Church. Join with us this month in remembering the past, celebrating our present, and anticipating our future through prayer.


Give thanks to the Father for your personal salvation and journey of faith.

Praise the Father for the influence of your local church in your life. With thanksgiving, recall individuals who impacted your faith walk and celebrate the gifts of God in their lives.

Thank the Father for the ministry of the Church of God of Prophecy. Thank Him for the obedience of the early church fathers and mothers who sought His purposes and sacrificed so that His plan could be accomplished.

Give thanks for the global vision of the church, her impact in 135 nations of the world, and for her historical inclusiveness across racial and gender lines.

Praise God for the present work of your local church. Thank Him for His faithfulness to your church and ask for opportunities to make a greater impact in your community.
Confess to Him any areas of difficulty, discord, or division in your church. Ask the Holy Spirit to bring unity, direction, and help to these situations.
Pray for the leaders of your local church including your pastor, ministry leaders, deacons/deaconesses, teachers, youth/children’s workers, church committees, etc.
Ask the Father to give your pastor and congregation an unobstructed vision.
Pray that the Father would let genuine faith, hope, and love arise in your congregation so that those in your community could see and be drawn to Him.

Ask the Father to lead your church into the plenteous harvest fields that are all around your congregation.